Visit to Sabarkantha

Under the guidance and blessings of our beloved AMMA, our Principal Bri. Umaji and Manager Bri. Jujuji, we organized a tour to Sabarkantha for Annadanam on 29th January.

The preparations began one week before the tour date. Every single unit of our school, from students to teachers, was working hard with great enthusiasm. Students and teachers collected clothes and sweaters that were in good condition to donate to the people of the village. Students of standards 9 and 11 participated in these activities, and bought detergent bars, bathing soaps and wheat flour for donation. We started our journey to Sabarkantha on January 29th with a group of 65 students, 28 teachers, 10 peons and maids and around 20 devotees.

Our first stop was at Sabran village. The village Sarpanch, Babubhai Asari took everyone around the village where we had the opportunity to see hills, river, dam, etc. With Amma’s blessings, each family was provided with 5 kg of rice, 2.5 kg of moong dal, 1 bathing soap, 1 washing soap, 1 blanket, 1 biscuit packet, a book of Hanuman Chalisa, Matruvani, and Amma’s photo with calendar. The villagers were made aware of Amritam Project. Later, beautiful bhajans were sung by our students and teachers.

This act of ours brought them new hope and gave birth to a new belief in humanity. The students felt sad seeing the condition of the people and their way of life. Many of them realized how lucky they were to have comfortable lives and how important it is to be grateful. The students experienced a sense of calmness and peace as they had done something good for the poor and needy.

Later, we left for Pahadiya village. Here, we provided students of Balsanskara Kendra with notebook, pencil, eraser and a pouch. The students were also given a packet of biscuits, bread, butter and jam, wafer packets, a book of Hanuman Chalisa, Matruvani, Amma’s photo and a calendar. The students and teachers of our school narrated various stories to the students of Balsanskara Kendra in Gujarati, after which we sang bhajans and recited Hanuman Chalisa. The villagers were provided with rice, moong dal and all the other items that were given to the people of Sabran Village.

Then we proceeded to Shyamlaji temple where the students sang soulful Sri Krishna bhajans and planted saplings on the temple premises. The temple devotees distributed prasadam, and we finally took their leave and returned to Ahmedabad with a feeling of peace and contentment.

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